Our Wish List

Our Wish List

Our directors and managers compiled items on an official Wish List, which is presently displayed in the lobby of our main office (pictured here).  It will be displayed at all of our fundraising events with the hope that some of our wishes will be fulfilled by sponsors and donations.

Please take a moment to consider supporting the work of Aid to the Developmentally Disabled (ADD) to create an environment whereby people with a range of abilities are actively encouraged to develop and direct services that recognize their unique desires, ambitions, values and abilities.

Your support of ADD can help our agency continue to provide the highest quality of care to the individuals that we serve. Individual contributions allow for the development of important programs to provide services that are not funded by other sources.

We rely on the support of our community to reach our goals.


Site 22: Siding for house   $35,000

Site 18: Siding for house  $30,000

Site 13: Replace entire deck and rails with Trex     $20,000

(9) Generator (s) needed for residential    $20,000 each

Site 16: Replace siding   $20,000

Site 17: Renovate Kitchen     $18,000

Site 17: New Driveway   $15,000

Site 13 and Northville: Renovate bathrooms   $15,000 each

Site 17: Convert half bath to full bath      $15,000

Site 17: Renovate upstairs bathroom    $10,000

Site 2 and Ridge: Fencing   $10,000 each

Site 31: Tree removal  $10,000

Site 16: Replace Garage Roof     $ 7,500

Site 6: Replace Handicap Ramp   $ 8,500

Site 16: Replace back walkway and stoop  $ 8,500

Site 8: Replace decking wit Trex  $ 7,000

Site 8: Replace Interior Stairs  $ 5,000

Site 20 and Northville Replace windows   $ 5,000 each

Medication Room for Calverton   $ 5,000

Site 24: Water Heater Replacement  $ 4,000

Site 19 and 21 TVS    $750 each   $ 1,500

(3) File cabinets $250 each  $ 750

(2) Book Cases $200 each  $ 400

Refrigerator for Ridge $ 400

Northville and Ridge need a fax machine  $ 200 each

Day Trips for consumers   $ 100 each

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