RN-Part Time ($30.47/hr)

//RN-Part Time ($30.47/hr)
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Title RN-Part Time ($30.47/hr)
Salary $30.47-$31.57
Job Information

Under the supervision of the Nursing Care Coordinator, the Registered Nurse is responsible to execute all nursing practices related to an individual’s Plan of Care in accordance with established rules and regulations of New York State and Agency policy. The Registered Nurse will have an identified caseload, however, is expected to provide direct and on-call support and supervision to all individuals.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Oversee and monitor medical care of individuals in residential program
  • Oversee and monitor medication regimen of residents
  • Provide direct supervision with medication administration to AMAP staff
  • Maintain OPWDD compliance with all medication regulations at residential sites
  • Provide direct supervision of residential staff with First Aid, Nutrition, OSHA, etc.
  • Assist with training of direct support staff
  • Telephone triage
  • Maintain Nursing Clinical Notes and documentation
  • Attend all assigned meetings including but not limited to nursing review meetings, IRC, Human Right’s, Admission meetings/screenings, discharge meetings, hospitalization meetings, inter-disciplinary meetings, etc.
  • Complete all necessary documentation, including obtaining consents
  • Act as a liaison between, families, physicians, hospital, pharmacy, etc.
  • Develop nursing or medical protocols as needed
  • Maintain the medical administration record book and participate in internal medical audits to ensure compliance and comprehensive care
  • Provide AMAP training, or other medical related trainings as needed, and observation of AMAP trainees to certify/re-certify AMAP certification
  • Provide medical interventions as needed
  • Maintain OPWDD Certified trainings
  • Other duties as assigned
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