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Get to Know the Residences: Northville

Aid to the Developmentally Disabled (ADD) provides residential housing and a variety of programs. One type of residence is an ICF, where 24-hour supervision is provided. The Northville house is an ICF and we found out more details about the individuals who live there, near the Long Island Sound in Riverhead.

Where is the Northville house?

It is located on the winding, picturesque Sound Shore Road in Riverhead, which runs parallel to the Long Island Sound bluffs, just minutes from Iron Pier Beach.

How many people live here?

There are eight males that live in the Northville house: Wayne, Robert, Kenny, Alfred, Ed, Danny, Willie and Peter.

Is there a house manager?

Yes. The house manager is Fetima Clinton and she is also a program coordinator. Ms. Clinton, along with the management team and direct support professionals, assist the Northville residents to complete routines, goals, go on special outings, purchase what they need and enhance their community interaction.

Fetima also shares with us that two of the individuals living at Northville hold jobs and earn paychecks. Alfred works on the farm (at the Northville Sensory Gardens) during the summer season. Wayne works at his day program. There is also a lot of family involvement here, which creates more of a family environment.

What type of house and setting is the Northville residence?

It is an ICF residence and was the first house that was purchased. An ICF provides individuals with 24-hour supervision. There are three shifts of staff, with one-on-one staff for individuals who need the additional supervision. Residents range from ages 45 to 78 at Northville. Peter is the newest to join the group. He moved in just over one year ago and has adjusted well to his home. A nurse is also assigned to the Northville house and gives medical attention, helping with follow-up on medical appointments.

Do the residents enjoy living together and do they go on outings as a group?

They do enjoy being together, along with their own individual interests. They have lived together for a long time. They go on outings and complete activities as a group, as well as having fun together at their home. Ed and Alfred do everything together. They have formed a special friendship through the years.

The individuals living at the Northville house enjoy game night, going bowling, going out to the movies, and they look forward to stopping at 7-Eleven during outings, which is always a favorite!

To learn more about the ADD organization, residential housing, job opportunities and advocacy groups, browse our website or call 631-727-6220.

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