Get to Know the Residences: Cross River House

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Get to Know the Residences: Cross River House

Aid to the Developmentally Disabled (ADD) provides residential housing and a variety of programs. We introduce you to the Cross River house, located in Riverhead. We spoke with Marie Graceson, the house manager.


Where is the Cross River house?
It is located on Cross River Drive in Riverhead. It’s a very relaxed, laid back setting in a quiet neighborhood.

How many people live here?
There are four men who live here. Their names are Bryan, Nicholas, Robert and Thomas.

Is there a house manager?
Yes. I am the house manager and have been since the opening of the house in December of 1994.

The men plan special dinners often.

Do the residents enjoy living together and do they go on outings as a group?
The residents love spending time together. They enjoy a variety of activities and outings, such as going bowling every Saturday morning. They also plan special dinners together.


To learn more about the ADD organization, residential housing, job opportunities and advocacy groups, browse our website, or call 631-727-6220 ext. 203 with any questions.

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