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Artist in Residence: Noelle LaSalle

Aid to the Developmentally Disabled (ADD) provides residential housing and a variety of programs. With the assistance of the ADD program, individuals work towards their goals.

Noelle LaSalle knows a lot about achieving goals, especially when it comes to art. Noelle is a painter who focuses on watercolor, but is versed in acrylic, oil and coal on canvas as well. He paints abstract flowers and objects along with peaceful and idyllic scenes.

Mr. LaSalle had been continuing his studies at Hofstra and taking a basic art class, when his professor pointed out his talent. His interest was piqued and the rest is history. Noelle continued his art studies, including art history classes, and learning various techniques and painting styles.

Currently, Noelle is working on a watercolor scene of an old stone cottage with foliage surrounding it. The window is dressed with a colorful box of flowers. Trailing vines climb the cottage walls and there is a pink bicycle leaning there as well. That piece is not ready to display, but simplicity is also a new idea that this artist is working on. The painting of tulips shared here is his most recently completed work. Noelle does his research and sets goals when he is interested in something. He watches tutorials online in order to learn new techniques in painting. The tulip piece is a result of that.

“Color and nature inspire me to create,” explains Mr. LaSalle, “Experience also adds to my work. I’ve traveled to Asia, South Africa, Italy and Amsterdam. These memories give me the visuals to apply to paper. For example, I enjoy painting Asian Pagodas.” Noelle continues, “When pencil is to paper, I am quiet and it just flows. If I walk outside and see a sparrow, I analyze its shape and the detail of the colors. I decide how I’ll mix paints to get those colors. It’s very relaxing.”  Noelle attributes his talents to his brilliant, creative and knowledgeable mother, as well as his big, loving family.

Noelle’s Hampton Bays’ home is where you’ll find a large collection of his artwork, but he has never sold or displayed his paintings to date. However, he will be contributing his artwork for the first time at an ADD event planned at Martha Clara Vineyards in 2018. He is working on ideas for this gallery display now.

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