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The Northville Sensory Gardens


In 1999 the Planning Committee of RISE’s Board of Directors proposed a project that would create a sensory garden on the underutilized 2.5 acres of RISE’s Northville ICF.

The garden’s committee was made up of board members, local businesses, farmers, the Cornell Cooperative, community

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groups, and interested neighbors.  The gardens were completed through these dedicated individuals who spent countless hours of planning and working on this worthwhile enterprise.  It has been a wonderful way to create a bridge of understanding with the community and to demonstrate what RISE’s mission is and how it serves the individuals that reside in our houses.  This fostering of goodwill assists RISE’s integration and acceptance into the community, which will only open a productive dialogue between the community and RISE.

The sensory gardens include an area for small animals to be viewed and petted and cared for.  There is a solar green house that grows vegetables and flowers for the gardens.;  Seasonal plants are gown by the individuals who reside in our homes.   By providing this experience to the individuals, the sensory gardens have become an interactive learning experience for the participants helping in the rehabilitative process.

Ponds and fountains that run the entire length of the property are stocked with fish.  The ponds are surrounded by natural walkways that produce a serene environment for all to enjoy.  Benches are placed around the property for people to sit and enjoy the breathtaking view.

The gardens are staffed by individuals who reside in RISE houses.  Individuals from each program work at the farm.  Their duties include caring for the animals and maintenance of the gardens and ponds.  This employment allows these individuals to gain greater self-esteem, be productive, meet their goals of being self sufficient, and feel part of a team.

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A garden club formed by the individuals helps those individuals interested in increasing their gardening skills joining others who have the same interests. The gardens not only offer a tranquil setting but continues RISE’s commitment to striving for excellence and providing new and innovative methods of reaching this goal.

If you are interested in making a donation to our gardens, you may do so here. Your support of this community based project will be greatly appreciated.